• Sarah Rall

What Is Zone Face Lift?

Zone Face Lift combines traditional zone method reflexology with ancient Native American shaman healing techniques and pressure point massage.

Zone Face Lift is 50% of the Facial Reflexology routine with the addition of special sculpting and smoothing tools, an acupressure roller that stimulates nerve endings, and Japanese massage techniques to create the natural anti-ageing programme.

There has been a lot of publicity around this new technique pioneered by Ziggie Berman as it has the potential to take up to 10 years of your age both visually and spiritually in 12 weeks. It is deemed a credible alternative to Botox and a natural alternative to facial fillers!

The 12 week, weekly treatment programme is more of an experience and a journey rather than a treatment. It will transform you inside and out.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin from the inside

  • Tightens, plumps and sculpts the face, jaw line and neck

  • Reduces pigmentation

  • Stimulates lymphatic system to release and remove toxins

  • Calming and uplifting effect, reducing stress and anxiety

BB2 Radio Presenter and journalist Janey Lee Grace recently reviewed her Zone Face Lift treatment: