Sue - Zone Face Lift

When Sally first explained about Zone Face Lift, I thought I would give it a go as she is an amazing reflexologist. She picked up my hypothyroidism which was confirmed by my GP and I am on medication for life.


I am currently on my 8th of 12 weekly sessions and I can honestly say it’s not only improving my skin but is helping with my overall well-being. As someone who is on medication for depression and anxiety I feel more energised, yet calmer and relaxed which makes my sleep better, which all helps to contribute to my improving mood.


My skin feels more plumped and hydrated too since I have switched to the Elixir’s worth every penny! By implementing the gua sha tool routine for literally 2 minutes a day, I feel my cheeks and jaw line are toned and sculpted.

I really do look forward to my weekly Zone Face Lift sessions. The way Sally works you feel as ease and relax so much, I genuinely fall asleep during the session and apparently I snore! Ha Ha

Thank you so much Sally xx

Amanda Dear

Karen - Zone Face Lift 

I went to Sally Rall at touch therapy this week for my facial and zone lift reflexology , it was amazing , like no treatment I have ever had in the past . It is the ultimate in relaxation , I was sceptical to start with , but within minutes , I was really feeling the benefits.


Sally uses crystals, oils and many other products , my skin feels great and I feel energised , it's as if I had a month's sleep in an hour! I'm sure everybody reacts differently.  I will be booking more of these wonderful treatments with Sally, who is a very accomplished therapist . 

To give this credibility, I am a qualified beauty therapist , no longer practising, and have received and given many many different treatments over the years , this ranks as one of the best . My advice for the day try it yourselves ladies.

Katie - Reflexology & Reiki

Meeting Sally and learning about Reflexology has completely enhanced my life. Through the use of Reflexology and Reiki, I have made many life changing decisions. Sally Touch Therapy has helped to calm my body and mind. I believe Sally’s kind guidance and advice was instrumental in my successful IVF journey, together with the physical effects of the Reflexology. I’m sure I will be returning to Sally Touch Therapy again in the future. I would encourage anyone who is interested in relaxation and mindfulness to book in for a session. 

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Charity - Tropic Skincare

Hi everyone - I’m 23 and have been using tropic for around a year. 


These are my must haves for the tropic skincare range. Smoothing cleanser is beautiful for removing makeup. Followed by the toner and skin feast leaves your skin looking so glowy and healthy. ️ 


My skin has never looked better, I feel so much more confident without makeup & it’s all natural, hands down will never use another brand!

Chloe - Reflexology

I began visiting Sally in June 2016. I had been trying to conceive for almost three years and my Mum suggested that it might be an idea to try some reflexology and gave me Sally’s details.


I have to admit to being sceptical before my first appointment and the thought of somebody touching my feet made me feel slightly uneasy.


I was quickly converted however, and was amazed by how much Sally could tell me about my body just by looking at my feet. She knew when I was tired, dehydrated, all about my digestive system, my hormones and could even tell when I’d been away to a wedding in Ireland. Apparently my liver had been affected; Sally knew the minute she looked at my feet that I'd been celebrating wildly!


I quickly became used to having my feet massaged too and now I love it and find it very relaxing.


Along with reflexology I also underwent some treatment on the NHS. I had a laparoscopy and dye test and a biopsy taken. All the medical professionals could ever tell me was that everything appeared to be normal and that my infertility was unexplained. All anybody else told me was to relax and it’ll happen, go on holiday etc… which after three years was starting to become a little wearing.


Finally, around three months after I started visiting Sally I became pregnant. I was about to make some pretty drastic changes to my lifestyle and sign up for IVF when it happened at last.


I am now almost 7 months pregnant with a baby girl and can’t wait to meet her in the spring. I continued visiting Sally weekly during my first trimester and fortnightly after that. I have had an extremely easy time of it, with no sickness and very little tiredness or nausea compared to many other women. I really do think that Sally has worked wonders on balancing my hormones both before and after conception. I’m so glad I met her.


Sally is very easy to talk to. She is down-to-earth and instantly puts you at ease. Some visits we chat like mad, some visits I nod off and snore like mad. Either way, I always leave the appointment feeling calm and relaxed.


I couldn’t recommend Sally more highly.

Sandra - Reflexology

Thoroughly recommend this professional and talented lady. I have been suffering with 'Long Covid' and she has helped me so much with the post Covid symptoms, particularly the anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. Thank you Sally.

Hayley - Reflexology & Facial Reflexology

I first visited Sally in March 2019 to begin a six-week course of reflexology. I acknowledged that the feet are a map of the body and was therefore hoping Sally would be able to assist me in recognising the cause of a number of symptoms I had been experiencing. Following the course of reflexology and facial reflexology, I had an idea of what may have been the cause and what to have tested. I therefore approached my GP and an Endocrinologist who conducted a number of tests and confirmed that I have blocked adrenals; which explained the majority of my symptoms.


I am currently undergoing further tests to determine the cause of my blocked adrenals.


If I had not have followed my gut instinct, in that I was not well and had followed the initial advise from my GP - to take anti-depressants - and the mocking of friends and family - that it was all part of getting older - then I would have never have uncovered the real reason for the decline in my physical and mental health.


I had never tried ‘alternative therapy’ before approaching Sally however, I am so very grateful I did, as the treatments gave me my first breadcrumb to investigate and have put me on the road to recovery.