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About Me

My name is Sally Rall and I firmly believe touch therapies will help, whether you are tired, stressed, overwhelmed or simply want to stay well.

My aim is to ensure you feel relaxed, supported and informed during your sessions, so you can make the most of your treatment afterwards.

Reflexology, India Head massage and Reiki can be tailored to your individual needs.  We will cover your health, energy and mindset during the consultation.

I am also very excited to introduce the Zone Face Lift 12 week programme. This is designed to take you on a journey of self enhancement mentally, physically and emotionally. The skin is the largest organ in the body and the outer expression of our physical and mental health, so investing in your skin is the quickest way to look and feel healthier.

Your wellbeing begins with you ... let's begin.


Training and Qualifications

It has taken me many years to finally achieve job satisfaction and life balance. I went from Store Detective to natural therapies….yep...radical you may be thinking. ...indeed! It has been my ambition to help people but try as I may I couldn't find that “something “ that I truly believed in. Until I discovered reflexology, reflexology blew me away!

How could you touch people's feet, that in turn effected their whole body, each and everybody system?


Reflexology is extremely effective for anxiety and depression, one of today's biggest threats to health and well-being.

I firmly believe in reflexology and how it can improve one's health and mindset. I recently trained in the Bergman method of facial reflexology (great for those who dislike having their feet handled) I have to confess this is the most relaxing experience I have ever had. It feels almost hypnotic. It has all the benefits of foot reflexology but also helps with facial lines and skin quality by using the award winning Elixir oil. Health isn't just about relaxation, therefore I have a keen interest in diet and health, which if required can assist with my client's treatment.

Having extended my reflexology training with spinal reflex workshops, fertility and facial reflexology courses, I can offer various ways to help my clients achieve wellness. Indian Head Massage and Reiki are the other two therapies I specialise in. I have a small repertoire as I believe in quality not quantity.

I am not an incense burning, floral skirt therapist, I consider myself calm, easy to talk to, with a wicked sense of humour!

I am very passionate about helping my clients and look forward to helping you.

Indian head Massage Cert

Reflexology Cert

Advanced Facial Reflexology Cert

ZFL Cert

Crystal Wand CPD Cert

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