• Sarah Rall

What Is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy healing practice which can be practiced either lying down or in a chair.

It is usually performed by the gentle placement of hands on the body in a series of positions.

There are different outcomes of what you may experience; heat, cold, tingling, seeing colours, a sensation of feeling heavy or very relaxed with a calm mind.

There are 7 energy points along the spine called Chakras, each of these relating to different parts of the body and our emotions. Our mind and body will be healthy when all 7 Chakras are balanced and in tune, as they then will promote self healing of the body. The problems arise through life’s journey as we encompass many stressors, physical and emotional. These cause the Chakras to become misaligned and out of balance, thus creating issues in the organs that they are related to. Reiki will help to rebalance the Chakras once again and allow the body to self heal.

Reiki is a very powerful treatment and can help on a physical and emotional level, especially as it has been proven that one can effect the other.